Slightly Off Topic -- VAB /Atlantis pics

From: Penny Otte (
Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 06:47:59 EST

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    Dear Sat-list,
    I thought I would post this interesting and somewhat interconnected
    post.  My husband is subcontracted to NASA and spent the last week at
    the Cape on business.
    During his trip there he was able to tour the VAB.... I posted some pics
    of what he saw. if
    you want to check them out.  The current shuttle inside is the Atlantis
    and as you can see from the pics they have it partially disassembled
    with the leading edge of the wings apart as well as the nose cone.
    Perhaps old hat to people on this list who work there but I thought it
    was very interesting-- he also has some close ups of the tiles and some
    of the outside launch pads.
    Take care and happy viewing,
    Penny Fischer-Otte
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