Telstar 401, last five nights

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Dec 08 2003 - 21:33:36 EST

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    In case anyone wants to try to see Telstar 401, below are 
    the times when I saw it the last five nights, all from 
    light-polluted sites, without binoculars.  The first four 
    I saw eight flashes each night.  A while ago I only saw 
    four flashes, due mainly to clouds:
    U.T.C. Date and Time
    12/05 1:35:19-1:48:26
    12/06 1:25:21-1:38:28
    12/07 1:14:44-1:27:50
    12/08 1:07:12-1:20:18
    12/09 1:02:46-1:08:22 (cloud interference)
    Usually the middle four are the brightest I think, although
    a couple of times the first one has been very bright.
    It's now flashing below and right (west of) Mars.  Dec. 10
    UTC (Tuesday PM local time) if not cloudy I will look for 
    it beginning about 6:50 PM CST/7:50 EST.  We don't know 
    how different its flash time might be for EST zone (or a
    long ways north or south of here, either).  We are about to
    lose it to twilight here, in just a few nights.
    The strategy is to stare at the right general area for four 
    or five minutes (minimum two minutes at a stretch) until 
    you see the first flash.
    Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA
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