ISS : Mars attack

From: John Locker (
Date: Sun Dec 07 2003 - 14:58:57 EST

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    Hi all.
    Thanks to some cracking last minute work by Arnold and Tom , I managed to
    locate a site about 40 minutes drive away from home where in theory I would
    see tonights close encounter between Mars and ISS.
    There was some doubt in my mind about where the station would pass in
    relation to the planet , and a bit of panic set in.However , from the
    farmyard near to the England / Wales border , we watched as ISS zipped
    "through" Mars.
    That was with the naked eye , but of course I had the telescope set up too.
    I chickened out of using a high magnification , favouring instead a wide FOV
    to at least catch something.
    As it transpired , I called the situation completely wrong , and ISS passed
    "Below" Mars , not above.As a result , I got just two frames showing the
    As you can see from the image and animation at :
    Whilst it seemed like a direct hit to the naked eye , there was in fact
    quite a separation.
    I'm off to get warm and have a cuppa  !!!!   :O)
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