Re: Inquiry: Lacrosse and SDS

Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 22:15:50 EST

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    STK is a little pickey about the format of the file containing your list of 
    I first save the file as a text file and then delete any header information all 
    the way down to the first TLE line.  I also seems to help to delete any leading 
    spaces from the beginning of the TLE lines and you may also need to delete any 
    blank lines also.
    Save the text file, activate STK and highlight the "Scenario" line in the 
    browser.  Under the "Tools" pull down menu is a line something like "Load 
    Elements".  Click away on this chain until you find your file.  Once the TLE 
    set appears in the window click (or double click maybe) on one of them and 
    presto a new satellite should aappear in the browser with the designator number 
    of the satellite.  Once a satellite has been created in this manner you can 
    update its TLE's in the future by highlighting the satellite's line in the 
    browser, pulling down "Properties" and clicking basic.  There will now be 
    options to load another TLE file.
    Gregg Hendry
    > Greetings,
    > I am in the process of a project at college where I am simulating a 
    > satellite system with STK software by AGI (, In my case the 
    > Lacrosse system.  The three active birds were in the program's database and 
    > I found that the ground station is in White Sands.  However I do not have a 
    > complete set of orbital data on Lacrosse I other than apogee, perigee, and 
    > inclination.  Can anyone provide a good set of elements for a typical Lax 1 
    > orbit or its final orbit before decomission, or could I take this data from 
    > the similar lacrosse 3?
    > My other main question is the communication link system used to reach White 
    > Sands.  I am assuming that a real time link was desired but perhaps not 
    > necessary.  Was SDS used as the relay, and can any details or suggestions be 
    > provided to some good ones to choose as my simulation relays, and any 
    > orbital data on such satellites?
    > I know the classified nature of this information makes this a difficult 
    > request, but best guesses are worthy for this project.
    > Of note:  I know that I can input satellite orbit data manually, but I dont 
    > know of a way to read 2-line format into STK.  I may need the "Translated" 
    > version of the 2-line format.
    > Thanks in advance,
    > Jared Hopewell
    > Penn State University
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