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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 01:24:30 EST

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    The last boost was on Oct 1, 2003 using the progress spacecraft. 
    They don't have advanced scheduled burns. The last burn was used to adjust the orbit of the iss,
    due to the launching of the sozuy spacecraft that would occur after the burn was done. By
    adjusting the orbit of the iss, then the flight path the soyuz/progress takes to get to the iss is
    effected. They calculate where the iss will be at the time of the docking, and use that info to
    adjust the flight path of the progress/soyuz spacecraft for docking. How high the iss is in orbit
    effects the flight path of the docking spacecraft. Sometimes a burn is needed before a spacecraft
    lifts off, to allow for a good flight path to the station. Other times a boost is needed to avoid
    hitting space debris.
    If orbit raising burns are planned, the info shows up here
    COSPAR Site #1775  Long 75.6910 W, Lat 44.6062 N, altitude 100 metres
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