Re: consecutive sunlit ISS lunar transits in England Thursday

From: John Locker (
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 13:10:20 EST

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    This looks like an interesting scenario , unfortunately , too far out for me
    as it would mean a round trip of 200 miles or so , and the small angular
    diameter of the station doesn't merit that sort of travel.
    Co-incidentally , the area isnt that much further north than my double
    transit during the summer.Hopefully someone a little nearer to the target
    zone will give it a go.Mind you the weather isnt looking too good.
    If anyone in NW UK is hoping to give it a try , let me know as I think I can
    supply an aerial image to help identify a suitable spot.
    John Locker
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    > I ran some comparisons with Denis' program, CalSKY, and SkyMap, and posted
    > at:
    > CalSKY is apparently using several day old TLE "predictions," resulting in
    a 21
    > second timing lag, but nonetheless agrees well.
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