Re: sat tracking software

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 12:22:26 EST

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    Something that I believe hasn't been mentioned is the built-in software of
    telescopes such as my Meade LXD55 Schmidt/Newtonian- there's not much point in
    knowing where a satellite is, unless you can look at it (hopefully with
    something better than your own unaided eyes).
    At least it's supposed to be able to track satellites; I've failed twice in
    tracking the ISS, but I think I might have succeeded if I'd read that part of
    the manual more closely...
    If I can't get it to work properly, and can assure myself that it's not because
    of operator error- and I can't find an existing program that works- I'll
    probably write my own controller program in the Java language.
    My web page at:
    shows screen captures from CalSKY and SkyMap.
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