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Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 04:51:03 EST

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    Hi All
    Re the discussion on software used for predicting.
    In my case I use my own software- called SEECOSAT
    as I wrote it specifically for my CoSaTrak system.
    Apart from distribution to a few friends I have 
    not made it available generally as there are still 
    a few points to be sorted out - ie it freezes when
    I try and run predictions using ALLDAT.TLE 
    ( ~8000 odd satellites). I know what the problem 
    is - just never had the time to redo that part of 
    the program. However it handles files like 
    CLASSFD.TLE with no problems. The output is 
    similar to Mike McCants software and the graphics
    display part has never been completed - a project
    for a cloudy period. I also need to improve the 
    shadow entry/exit procedure as I have an error
    of about 2-3 seconds on that observed. The
    program is in BASIC and uses the SGP4 model.
    For my measuring of video images etc I use GUIDE 8
    which I think is outstanding for satellite tracking.
    In my version it does show the satellites going into
    eclipse ( the satellite changes colour) and the 
    eclipse time is within a second or so of that 
    observed. The author Bill Gray is always receptive
    to any changes/improvements requested and is an
    excellant example of how support for a commericial 
    product should be.
    Other software that is highly recommended is that
    by Mike McCants and Rob Matson. A large number of
    other good programs exist so its mainly a matter
    of what you are looking for the program to do -
    STS and ORBITRON are pretty graphical programs
    for example. My apologies for good software not
    mentioned - there are just too many!
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