Predicting communication passes for Beagle 2

From: David Entwistle (
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 17:43:32 EST

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    I'd appreciate your help.
    The Beagle 2 lander is scheduled to land on the surface of Mars on 25th
    December 2003. We understand that the first communication opportunity
    with the lander will be when Mars Odyssey overflies the predicted
    landing site in the early hours of the 25th. If this is not successful
    an attempt will be made to receive Beagle 2 directly using the Jodrell
    Bank radio telescope.
    Given the landing co-ordinates, and the orbital elements is there any
    software which would allow predictions of the communication passes?
    Comments welcome here, or to the dedicated newsgroup -
    David Entwistle
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