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Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 00:57:03 EST

  • Next message: Stuart Huston: "Atlas launch observed" will send you advance
    emails when a satellite is predicted to pass over. I currently use it for the
    ISS & Hubble; however, you can select up to 10 satellites. provides a way of
    determining (particularly) what geostationary satellites may be visible from
    your location.
    provides a means of tracking several "more famous" satellites, including the ISS
    and Hubble- a "SkyTrack" graphic display option is available. In fact, you could
    track any satellite using this site, but entering the tracking data for each
    satellite that's not in the list would be painful. Also see: gives the information that SkyMap
    and similar programs will need to compute the location of such geostationary
    satellites. Related files may be found at: and
    If you want your information straight from the horse's mouth, you can sign up
    at: (include the final '?')
    defines the format of the "Two Line Elements."
    I recently got SkyMap 6.6 running on my Windows XP system. If I have a bit of
    time... I may document the relatively simple steps required to do so. I used
    SkyMap to generate some graphics related to the lunar transit recently observed
    by Ed Morana:">
    Linked on that same page, Ed also shows a screen capture from "SkyMapPro" (which
    is altogether a different program from Rob Matson's SkyMap, though evidently
    they have similar functionality).
    Another program (plugging the product of a fellow alumnus :-) you might look at
    is Bill Gray's "Guide 8": (I intend to myself, "real soon now.")
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