Re: Still no SZ-4 manoeuvre

From: Phillip Clark (
Date: Mon Dec 30 2002 - 13:40:30 EST

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    Subject: Still no SZ-4 manoeuvre
    > Dear Friends,
    > If one compares with previous Shenzhou flights, there should have been a
    > manoeuvre around 1305 UT today, but the latest elset, still in the low
    > orbit, has the epoch 1353:20 UT.
    > We shall see ...
    > Sven
    If you check the TLEs you will find 2002-061C/27634 in the standard high
    orbit for SZ 4.   Calculations based upon the first element set for this
    object and the first element set for object A show that the manoeuvre took
    place about 7 hours after launch, like SZ 3.   As I explained in a piece for
    the Jane's web site at the time of SZ 3, a manoeuvre at this time is just
    what you would expect to match orbital planes with a SZ launched a day or
    two earlier.   The SZ 2 main orbit-raising manoeuvre was on rev 14, the same
    time that on SZ 1 that spacecraft had de-orbited itself.
    The orbit for object A seems to be evolving as if it is a real object rather
    than being a "phantom" which is sometimes created by USSPACECOM's computer.
    Maybe it's something small like a lens or window cover, discarded in the
    initial orbit, and USSPACECOM latched onto that as being "the spacecraft",
    not finding the real thing until about 8am GMT this morning.
     Phillip Clark
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