02 58 Objects

From: Michael McCants (mmccants@jump.net)
Date: Sun Dec 29 2002 - 18:45:44 EST

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    There have been 8 objects cataloged for the 02 58 launch.
    (NCat numbers 27605 to 27612)
    Ed Cannon noticed last night that objects 02 58E and 02 58H 
    produced identical predictions.  Only one object was seen.
    That object was brighter in our southwest (magnitude 5) in
    spite of a bad phase angle and fainter at culmination and in
    north (magnitude 6) with a better phase angle.  In either case
    it must be an object of at least 2 meters in size.  My conclusion
    is that this is the "Gas Shield" (02 58H, 27612) and that
    "Payload E" (02 58E, 27609) does not exist.
    Object 02 58H ("Platform", 27611) was seen as very bright
    (magnitude 3) at culmination.  It varied by about 2.5 magnitudes
    with a period of about 40 seconds.
    Object 02 58F (DNEPR Rk, 27610) was seen as variying from 4.5 to 7.5
    with a period of about 22 seconds.
    On Friday evening, I saw "Payload D" (02 58D, 27608) varying from
    magnitude 7 to 10.5 with a rather irrigular period of about 10 seconds.
    I failed to see Payload A and I have not looked for Payloads B abd C.
    Mike McCants
    Austin, TX
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