Re: geoflashers : prograde or retrograde spinning ?

From: Michael McCants (
Date: Sat Dec 28 2002 - 15:47:07 EST

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    Kurt wrote:
    >If the rotation axis is more or less parallel to the earth axis then flashes
    >over America will occur some X seconds later OR earlier than over Europe.
    I compute 1600 miles/sec at a range of 22000 miles with a flash
    period of 87 seconds.
    So, yes, about 2 or 3 seconds.
    >Right now, Gorizont 14 (87- 40 A = 17969) and 23 (91- 46 A = 21533) are
    I observed flashes from Gorizont 14 last night (Dec 28 UT).  One was at
    3:56:45.0. The period was about 87.1 seconds.  The flashes were "slow"
    and to about magnitude 4.5.  I will try again tonight over a longer time
    span.  It will likely be cloudy here tomorrow night and Monday night.
    >to define a target observing window and some target satellites
    My target window will be 01:00 to 04:00 tonight.
    I observed Payload D last night varying from magnitude 7 to about
    10 with a period of about 10 seconds. (27608)
    I observed the rocket (27610) varying from 4.5 to 7.5 with
    a period of 22 seconds.
    Mike McCants
    Austin, TX
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