Re: NIMIQ 2 Launch 29-30 Dec.

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Sat Dec 28 2002 - 13:45:19 EST

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    As Ron Lee commented, it would be useful to have estimated TLE's.
    However, the positions given can be converted to SkyMap 'Rocket' data for
    If the orbit is circular at 213 km after the first burn, how can Breez be
    at 1739 km at the 2nd burn ?
    End of burn given? If so, why not also give time and position of the
    start of each burn ?
    Elements for the previous Breez launches are available at
    but the elsets start with MM=2.32 or lower.
    There is no time to request other (?) elsets from OIG. Anyone have
    earlier elsets?
    If the flight profiles are the same, add 1266.81227 to the Epochs of the
    2001 elsets, and 195.1608 to the RAANs.
    For the 2000 elsets add 2205.84560 to Epochs and 147.8161 to the RAANs
    (These are for a launch at 23:16:40 UTC Dec.29)
    Example from first 01-014A elset at launch +2.3 days:
    1 90865U 02863A   02366.25195000 -.00000099  00000-0  00000+0 0    17
    2 90865  47.9572  95.7113 7039165   0.5049 359.7483  2.24416905   127
    First 00-029C elset is launch +7.8 days after launch !?
    1 90870U 02863C   02371.76729     .00001351  00000-0  26543-2 0    12
    2 90870  48.7606  94.4183 7194794   1.9365 283.2360  2.32675209   170
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    ..... At the same time, I know that the amateur satellite community
    usually shows a noticeable interest in the events of this kind. Anyhow,
    it was the case in all earlier Breez M launches (6 June 2000 and 7 April
    then ignite the first time and reach a 213 km (132-mile) circular parking
    orbit, inclined at 51.6 degrees. Then the satellite will be propelled to
    its transfer orbit by three additional burns of the Breeze M. Following t
    he fourth burn and separation from the upper stage, the spacecraft will
    perform a series of liquid apogee engine burns to circularize the orbit
    at the geostationary altitude (final orbital location 91dW).
         Mission Stage    T after Liftoff Inc,d  H,km   Lat,dN    Long,dE
     2nd burn of the Breez    1h27m47s    49.565  1739   30.096    16.655
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