NIMIQ 2 Launch 29-30 Dec.

From: Yuri Makhnenko (
Date: Sat Dec 28 2002 - 10:20:10 EST

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    Dear Satellite Observers,<br>
    On the night from 29 to 30 December geo satellite NIMIQ 2 is planned to be launched using the Proton M launcher and the Breez M (aka Briz-M) upper stage. All possible information about the Breez M mission stages is especially interesting to our company. To carry out the optical observations, we involve the astronomic observatory at Terskol Pike (Caucasus, Russia 43.276dN, 42.500dE, 3128mH)   see . <br>
    Unfortunately, the time of launch (and weather conditions) makes possible observation of a significant number of major mission stages from Terskol Pike more difficult. At the same time, I know that the amateur satellite community usually shows a noticeable interest in the events of this kind. Anyhow, it was the case in all earlier Breez M launches (6 June 2000 and 7 April 2001).<br>
    Therefore, all those who can and wish to see the sat NIMIQ 2 launch in the geo orbit and who can provide any additional information based on their observation about the Breez M mission stages, please find the following information below.<br>
    Launch Site:  Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan<br>
    Launch Date and Time: Dec. 29  23:16:40 (GMT) <br>
                          Dec. 29  06:16:40 p.m. (EST/U.S. & Canada)<br>
    Mission Profile (see ):<br>
    The Proton M/Breeze M launch vehicle will inject the Nimiq 2 satellite into geo transfer orbit. The first three stages will use a standard ascent trajectory and will separate the Breeze M upper stage with the satellite suborbitally. The Breeze M will then ignite the first time and reach a 213 km (132-mile) circular parking orbit, inclined at 51.6 degrees. Then the satellite will be propelled to its transfer orbit by three additional burns of the Breeze M. Following the fourth burn and separation from the upper stage, the spacecraft will perform a series of liquid apogee engine burns to circularize the orbit at the geostationary altitude (final orbital location 91dW).<br>
    Target Orbit:       Apogee:      35,786 km (22,236 miles)<br>
    at Separation:      Perigee:      7,700 km (4785 miles)<br>
                        Inclination: 16.8 degrees<br>
                        Period        13h 08m 04s<br>
    See Table below about the Breez M major mission stages times and corresponding orbital parameters <br>
         Mission Stage    T after Liftoff Inc,d  H,km   Lat,dN    Long,dE<br>
    2nd burn of the Breez    1h27m47s    49.565  1739   30.096    16.655<br>
    External fuel tank<br>
    discarding               1h28m33s    49.564  1862   31.789    18.727<br>
    3rd burn of the Breez    1h33m56s    49.115  2860   41.362    34.174<br>
    4th burn of the Breez    6h41m57s    16.807 35786    0.029    88.058<br>
    Spacecraft separation    6h53m20s    16.807 35762   -0.558    87.138<br>
    Breez retreat ending     9h42m05s    16.640 29121   -9.769    77.553<br>
    Breez 2nd apogee        19h47m20s    16.542 35887    0.102   250.490<br>
    Yuri Makhnenko<br>
    Russia, Moscow <br>
    55.700dN  37.391dE  163mH<br>
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