Futuristic rocket soars in test flight

From: Floyd Weaver (floyd@floydweaver.com)
Date: Thu Dec 26 2002 - 22:19:55 EST

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    Good evening folks,
        On the morning of Wednesday December 18 I saw a sight that reminded me
    of the pictures of some, after sunset, launches out of Vandenberg. In the
    southeast was this wavy contrail cluster and extending off toward the south
    was a more of a straight contrail. Elevation may have been about 15 degrees.
    The first I saw it, after someone called me about it, was around 12Z and it
    must have lasted for at least another 30 minutes. The rising sun was giving
    it an orange tint, though I think it may have been much more colorful
    earlier. None of the many jets flying in the clear sky were letting lasting
    contrails. I do have some pictures of it if anyone wants to see them let me
    know and I'll email them to you. I do not have a zoom camera and did take
    pictures through binoculars, which does blur them a bit.
        I could not find any space flight that would explain it, nor did anyone
    on this list mention it, so I had no idea what I had seen or even if it was
    something out of the ordinary.
        Finally today I discovered what it was from this article:
    and also from Wallop's website.
        Did anyone else on this list, see it? If this is going to happen again
    it would be nice if we could have a heads up on it. Not sure if Wallops
    website if timely enough.
    Floyd Weaver
    Lebanon Pa USA
    40.25N 76.25W
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