Double flare out of Iridium 35

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Wed Dec 25 2002 - 20:38:14 EST

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    Hi all,
    Iridium 35 produced a double flare tonight---first I've ever seen. I was
    showing my visiting nephew what was predicted to be a -1 flare near Perseus
    when after that flare occurred there was an even brighter second flare;
    maybe a -2.  Nice treat!
    If someone with Iridiflare has the time and initiative to look I would like
    to know if that program predicted that double flare.
    The details of what I  saw and where I am located are as follows:
    Iridium 35
    USSPACECOM Catalog No.: 24966
    -1 flare at 00:23:05 UTC
    Latitude: +42.473513
    Longitude -92.360413
    Meters above sea level: 274
    Thanks and have happy holidays!
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