Re: Against all odds ? ISS Dec 11 NEW IMAGES OF P1

From: Philip Masding (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 16:01:12 EST

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    Hi Everyone
    I have posted new images of the ISS from 11 Decmber on my website.
    The new P1 truss is clearly seen as is the S1 truss and its radiator which
    turns out to be very bright. I have also included a screenshot from the ISS
    simulator program to help interpret the pictures. (the P1 truss is not in
    the currently available version of the simulator but it will be soon
    together with new features designed to help frame matching)
    Looks to me as though your images show the S1 cooling radiator. Pretty
    remarkable given all your telescope problems! Not sure about the truss
    itself though.
    I'll send you a few screenshots from the simulator to hep with your images.
    clear skies
    Look out too for the
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    > Hi all,
    > Imagine the frustration , a recently replaced telescope , clear skies for
    > the last three nights , and high elevation ISS passes....brilliant , apart
    > from the fact that at present I have nothing to attach the scope to the
    > tripod with.....  Agggghhhhh   !
    > Tonight I gave in and decided to try and image ISS using the scope ,
    > on a patio table.
    > Far from satisfactory as it is virtually impossible to get a fine focus on
    > toatlly unstable mount.
    > However , I managed to grab a few frames , which although rather fuzzy ,
    > give me , I think ,  the first glimpse of the new truss.
    > A strip of pics is now on my homepage
    > ....again , apologies for the quality , but if anyone can confirm my
    > thoughts about the truss I'd appreciate it.
    > As for the tripod.....well there's always the next run of
    > February 2003  :O(
    > John.
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