Against all odds ? ISS Dec 11

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Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 16:16:37 EST

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    Hi all,
    Imagine the frustration , a recently replaced telescope , clear skies for
    the last three nights , and high elevation ISS passes....brilliant , apart
    from the fact that at present I have nothing to attach the scope to the
    tripod with.....  Agggghhhhh   !
    Tonight I gave in and decided to try and image ISS using the scope , placed
    on a patio table.
    Far from satisfactory as it is virtually impossible to get a fine focus on a
    toatlly unstable mount.
    However , I managed to grab a few frames , which although rather fuzzy ,
    give me , I think ,  the first glimpse of the new truss.
    A strip of pics is now on my homepage
    ....again , apologies for the quality , but if anyone can confirm my
    thoughts about the truss I'd appreciate it.
    As for the tripod.....well there's always the next run of
    February 2003  :O(
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