Re: ASTRA has been de-orbited

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Wed Dec 11 2002 - 05:07:00 EST

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    This is a part of the official ASTRA information, released
    December 10, 2002:
    ...The satellite was safely de-orbited this morning over the
    Pacific Ocean with the assistance of satellite manufacturer
    Alcatel Space and the French Space Agency CNES...., wich was
    providing a worldwide tracking network for the ASTRA 1K mission.
    The spacecraft re-entered the Earth's atmosphere at 02:00 UTC
    and was completely destroyed. Debris fell in a polygon bounded
    by 27°South to 54°S and 133°West to 174°West. Airways and sea
    lanes were cleared by the New Zealand authorities, no damage
    was reported....
    Berlin. Germany
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