Vandenberg AFB Missile Launch

From: Brian Webb (
Date: Tue Dec 10 2002 - 07:22:20 EST

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    Hi All:
    Be advised that a modified Minuteman II missile will be launched from
    Vandenberg AFB on California's central coast several hours from now.
    The vehicle is scheduled to leave northwest Vandenberg on Wednesday morning,
    December 11 at 00:01 PST (right after midnight), the start of a four-hour
    launch window. This translates to DEC 11 08:01 to 12:01 UTC.
    Following launch, the vehicle will fly a ballistic trajectory and send an
    unarmed warhead and decoys to the central Pacific as part of a missile
    defense test. Several minutes later, an interceptor launched from the
    Marshall Islands will attempt to kill the warhead.
    The Minuteman launch should be visible at least as far away as Phoenix,
    Arizona; Saint George, Utah; and Reno, Nevada. Look for a bright orange
    "star" in the direction of Vandenberg. If you have binoculars or an
    astronomical telescope, you might want to use it to view the launch (the
    view could be impressive).
    If you see anything tonight, let me know.
    Brian Webb
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