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From: Walter Nissen (
Date: Sun Dec 08 2002 - 13:13:24 EST

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    Russ Pinizzotto writes:
    > I have observed flashes from EGP using the unaided eye.
    I am pleased to see your report on Ajisai.  Thank you.  On different
    passes, the brightness and incidence (i.e., frequency) of the flashes is
    quite different.  The same is true of different parts of the same pass,
    which is why I have urged observers to go to the extra trouble of
    picking up objects at low altitude while they are still rising.  At
    their brightest, the flashes should be quite obvious, with or without
    optical aid.  Just as you indicate.
    It is simultaneously true that Ajisai is one of the most spectacular
    objects and one for which I would recommend binoculars.
    I received private e-mail stating:
    > In the case of the binocs the brightness was actually probably a
    > little less than w/o since a magnified image of the ISS is blowing up
    > an extended object.
    This is one of the influences that makes this such a subtle issue.
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