Integral rocket

Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 20:41:11 EST

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     The soon to re-enter Integral rocket just made a high (71 degree) pass,
    zipping along and tumbling between magnitudes 0 and 3 with about a 10 second
    period.  The rocket appeared somewhat orangish in color.
     More STS/ISS observations - at 0027 UT Dec. 6, the shuttle made a 17 degree
    pass in the north at magnitude 1.5, followed two minutes later by the ISS at
    0.5.  This is the first Shuttle - ISS mission in which the ISS was consistently
    brighter than the shuttle.
     At 0109 UT today, Dec. 7, the shuttle made an 11 degree pass in the north at
    magnitude 2, followed 3 minutes later by the ISS, also magnitude 2.
     Cheers, Rich Keen, Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado, USA (39.877N, 105.391W,
    elevation 2728m)
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