Iridium Double Double Flares

From: Pinizzotto,Russell (
Date: Fri Dec 06 2002 - 09:28:58 EST

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    Last night, I observed an Iridium "double double" set of flares.
    Iridium 95 flared first at the Heavens-Above predicted time 00:19:39 UT just
    below Cassiopeia.  It flared again about 15 sec later.  This was a complete
    surprise to me!  Iridium 33 then did the same thing flaring as predicted at
    00:20:04 and again about 15 sec later.
    The Iridium 95 first flare was about -3, a bit brighter than predicted; the
    second I95 flare was about -1.
    The Iridium 33 first flare was about -1, as predicted; the second was much
    brighter, maybe -2.5 or so.
    There is a pass of Iridium 59 tonight at about the same time (00:13:57 UT),
    so I'll try to see if it happens again and time the separation, if it
    Does anyone have any comments about this?  I've observed 172 Iridium passes
    now, the entire constellation except for Iridium Sim1 and don't have
    anything in my observing log about seeing double flares before.
    Best Regards,
    Russ Pinizzotto
    40.35N, 94.97W, 350m, UT-6
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