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Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 05:49:07 EST

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    Hi All,
    my name is Paolo Morini, I live in Italy and I was born in the last day 
    of non-space-era, i.e. Sept. 1957
    I am an amateur astronomer and I got hooked in astronomy at the end of 
    the 60's, exactly I was so stunned by Apollo 11 landing on the Moon that 
    the day after I went in a bookshop to get an astronomy book, and here I 
    am  ...
    I like satellite visual observing and, from time to time, I set up an 
    observing session in that matter, a "satellite night", for my astronomy 
    Excuse me for the OT, but I am looking for information about Moonwatch 
    Program, the artificial satelite tracking program trusting on amateur 
    astronomer  observation at the end of thr 50's -first 60's. Anyone can 
    help me ? (please use my private email for this)
    Here is how I look like, from the memebr pages of my astronomy club
    Clear skies
         Paolo Morini
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