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Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 04:57:37 EST

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    That's exactly my point Robert , I think in the SpaceWarn bulletin they mean
    re-boost rather than recovery.
    I did exchange emails with SES yesterday concerning Spacewarn 589.....but we
    will just have to wait for the next official statement to find out exactly
    what they are going to do.....the insurers could well be looking  to
    recover/re-boost  rather than let it burn.
    > the satellite does not have to fit in the payload bay.  They could
    > strap a booster to the satellite to send it on its way to geostationary
    > orbit.
    > With the expense of a shuttle mission and hardware like a booster,
    > I figure why bother.  Just let Astra 1K decay and use the insurance
    > proceeds to build another satellite.
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