Possible decay over Switzerland?

From: Yann Randin (y.randin@debiotech.com)
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 02:50:59 EST

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    Hi everybody,
    I am not familiar at all with orbiting satellite trajectories but I made
    the following observation on the early morning of Sunday December 01:
    Site of observation: N 46.32’ E 006.46’
    Time: 00:20 GMT (+01:20 local)
    Weather: Mostly clear, light clouds
    Driving a car, my attention was trap by a some kind of flashes of lighting
    reflected by the light clouds. Then, on a clear portion of the sky I saw a
    meteor burning up in the sky (about 45 degrees on the horizon). It was very
    bright with an electric blue /orange color. The trajectory was heading
    North, North-East. After few seconds the object split in 3 distinct parts
    just before disappearing over the mountains. Could it be an artificial
    satellite decay? It wasn’t looking as the meteors I am used to watch and it
    wasn’t a firework rocket as well ;-)
    Thank you for your help!
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