Re: Unexpected and Unidentified Satellite Flare

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 14:02:58 EST

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    I made several errors in my post:
    I read the time as 18:25 local instead of 18:35 local.
    I received Daves's mail stamped with local time 2002-12-03 01:25 (ie AM), so
    my natural (?) reaction was that "last evening" was 2002-12-02.
    However, a mail from Kevin Fetter prompted me to check the pass of STS, and
    so I conclude it was 2002-12-02 local time (same day 23:35 UTC)
    Near the location I suggested there was a solar panel flare by Iridium 58
    2002-12- 1 18:31:21.5 at mag -2.5, immediately followed by a regular MMA
    flare 2002-12- 1 18:31:32.0 at mag 0.9, and finally Iridium 94  ? 2002-12- 1
    18:34:03.4 at mag -3.9 (IridFlar predictions)
    The latter matches Dave's description, but would not be predicted by H-A
    since it is in engineering orbit.
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