Unexpected and Unidentified Satellite Flare

From: Dave Kerr (dsktc@epix.net)
Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 19:25:05 EST

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    Last evening, here in southcentral Pennsylvania,
    I photographed the ISS/Endeavour pass at 18:22
    local time.   Since it was reasonably clear but very
    cold and I was using my Nikon wide angle lens for the first
    time, I took another five photographs of the night sky
    before leaving my site.
    At 18:35 I pointed my camera towards Cassiopeia and
    made a 105 second exposure.   After the image loaded
    to the camera, a Nikon Coolpix 5700, I noticed I had
    captured a satellite flare.  I had checked Heavens-Above
    yesterday and double checked it today, and no Iridium
    flares were forecast at that time for my location.
    The flare is probably -2 magnitude within five degrees
    southeast of Epsilon Cassiopeiae.
    I loaded current TLEs from Starry Night's website last night
    into The Sky today and the only satellite close to Epsilon Cassiopeiae
    at the time was Intercosmos 25.   But The Sky shows it about
    ten degrees away.
    Is it probable that Intercosmos 25 produced the flare I captured
    last evening?
    Dave Kerr
    Carlisle, PA
     40 13.750 N
    -77 16.667
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