I Saw ISS-Shuttle in the Earth's Shadow too!

From: Tim Rogers (timrogers@charter.net)
Date: Sun Dec 01 2002 - 02:19:29 EST

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    I just got in from seeing "The Stack" over Atlanta at 01:46:50 EST (06:46:50
    I found it by looking at the sky chart given on JPass and used 7X50
    binoculars to locate the 8th magnitude target as it passed just north of
    Alpha Cetus, while at 41 degrees above the horizon.  I was able to follow it
    for about a minute until I lost it in the star fields south of Orion.
    So with this sighting in the middle of the night, I think this truly means
    that we are seeing the lights on the station, yes?  I'm still in
    semi-disbelief that we can see this at a distance of 500km (300 miles,) but
    its true!
    Thanks to those who sighted it before I did and passed along the info.
    Tim Rogers
    34.0954N, 84.0450W
    Elevation 320 meters
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