Leonid meteor passing in front of a satellite

From: Tom Wagner (sciteach1950@home.com)
Date: Sat Dec 29 2001 - 20:38:58 EST

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    I was watching a Leonid meteor flash by in a movie available at  the URL
    below when I noticed what appears to be a satellite slowing moving along in
    the middle portion of the picture.  The meteor slashes right across the
    satellite. Neat!
    The home URL is http://leonid.arc.nasa.gov/98images.html
    Another topic....
    The sky finally cleared here and I checked to see what might be visible
    tonight. I noticed that Starshine-3 was to get very close to the star
    Altair. In fact, in the Heavens-above chart I could not tell that there was
    any separation between the two at 18:33:34.
    Determined to see something of Starshine, I set up my Celestron 5" scope
    using a 40 mm eyepiece on Altair. When the time came I saw nothing. The moon
    was bright and I was in town. Obviously its intrinsic brightness is low.
    Of well.
    Happy New Year!
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