Re: ETS-6 Flashes? No joy

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Tue Dec 25 2001 - 22:03:55 EST

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    At 12:45 26/12/01, Ron Lee wrote:
    >Looked for the C flashes from about 01:27 to 01:42 UT on 26 Dec 01
    >and A flashes from about 02:16 to 02:32 UT.
    >No flashes seen
    I should have reported this earlier. ETS-6 was accidentally observed flashing by Doug Snyder ( )[31.400N, 110.141W] of Paliminos ,in SE Arizona at 08:10 UT December 20. He reported
    the sighting on the amastro mailing list ( which is all about deep-sky observing).
    So flashes should have been repeated at about 0800UT dec 23, and 0748 dec 26th
    for those observers in the western US. Due to the synchronous nature of the
    orbit the flashes would be in roughly same position which was 
    Position was around ra 07h10m , dec-28, which was south of beta (25 )CMa. 
    Magnitude of flashes brighter than mag 0. 
    Tony Beresford
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