Starshine-2 not seen again

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 20:05:22 EST

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    (1) I watched the ISS cruise by tonight. This was the first time that I got
    to see it as far to the eastern horizon as that horizon would allow. I could
    still see it when it passed behind some trees a mile away.  The trees were
    about .75 degree high. The ISS was orange and dim by that time. According to
    heavens-above it was about 2200 km distant when I lost sight of it! From my
    location here in NE Iowa it was almost over the Atlantic coast bordering
    Georgia at that time.
    (2) Now I have a question about Starshine 2. I examined heavens-above to
    carefully determine a star that I could find with my binocs that it was
    going to pass close to. I found the star and waited for the satellite to
    drift through the field of view at the exact time, according to
    heavens-above that is. I saw nothing. >:~(
    Has anybody seen starshine 2 ((outside)) of any flashes that it makes to
    know whether it is possible to see it move across the sky? This is getting
    quite frustrating. I have tried repeatedly to see it, flash or not flash,
    and have seen nothing. I would think that, since we see flares from
    satellites that are not designed to do so, we could at least see an
    occasional flare from one that is designed to do so! I am sure that this is
    no fault of anyone. It's just real frustrating to plan so carefully and to
    go out in wind and below freezing temperatures with the hopes of making a
    contribution to the Satrshine venture only to come up empty handed over and
    over again.
    Maybe I should look for flashes w/o binocs.
    Is this what others do?
    The problem with that is, just like tonight, flashing jets are all over the
    place as seen from NE Iowa. In fact minutes before Starshine 2 was to track
    across the sky tonight, a blinking jet followed almost exactly the same path
    as the satellite was to follow! I find myself repeatdly checking all thoses
    flashes only to see the red lights on the jets.
    Tom, one frustrated seesater. :~|
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