Re: Shuttle Landing Op (Double Boom)

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Date: Tue Dec 18 2001 - 01:57:47 EST

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    Super sonic aircraft create shockwaves that trail behind like the bow, stern
    and other waves, created by a ship travelling through the water. These
    numerous shockwaves, essentially blend together with the long distance to
    the ground. However, because the Shuttle is over 120 ft long, the nose and
    tail shockwaves remain separated by about 1/2 second.
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    > > >I heard the twin sonic booms on NASA TV.  The view at the time was the
    > pilot's view.  Which was kind of frightening,
    > A little off topic I suppose but what causes a DOUBLE sonic boom. I
    > well hearing sonic booms in my neighborhood here in Iowa when I was a kid.
    > can be contacted via private email if anyone wishes.
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