Re: Starshine 2 elsets

From: James Sebolt (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 18:36:10 EST

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    On Sun, 16 Dec 2001, Alan Pickup wrote:
    > SpaceCom appears to have catalogued Starshine 2 as #26996 = 01- 54 B 
    > though, for now, it is identified only as "UNK" in the elsets available 
    > via OIG.
    > Two elsets have been posted so far, though neither looks satisfactory. 
    > Indeed, the high drag term in the second one would lead to its decay 
    > within only a few hours.
    I don't believe that this object is actually Starshine 2.
    It has appeared in the thirty-day elements for some time
    prior to the undocking and release activities.
    Perhaps it is debris from the EVA?
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