Re: Starshine 2 deployment

From: Mike Bevan (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 13:18:16 EST

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    Subject: Fw: Starshine 2 deployment
    Mike - remember Starshine 2 this afternoon!
    Thanks for the reminder. However broken cloud here in Poole, I only just managed
    to see STS 108 at 17:28 and ISS at 17:32
    Sorry no Starshine.
    I did however see ISS and the undocked STS 108 pass last night at 18:29. With my
    binoculars they were separate but only just, STS trailed ISS which was very much
    brighter. As Jean-Paul Cornec posted yesterday similar to a Binary Star. Naked
    eye they could not be separated.
    Clear Skies
    Mike Bevan
    Poole, UK
    Lat. 50.7556N, Lon. 1.9803W, H 20m
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