Re: Space shuttle launch seen from Pennsylvania

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sat Dec 08 2001 - 00:11:34 EST

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    Not perfectly on topic but what I find fascinating is the fire from the
    liquid fuel rockets that I used to think was so bright is nothing compared
    to (what I believe is) aluminum burning in those solid fuel rockets! The
    flame from the solid fuel almost totally dominates the pictures that I see
    on TV etc.
    Tom W.
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    Subject: Space shuttle launch seen from Pennsylvania
    >Right on time it started to chug along, about 20 degrees
    > above the horizon - real fast... and using binoculars I saw a short tail
    >as if it was a real slow fireball meteor!  A short but definite flaming
    tail >of what must have been the engine flames!  Just a fantastic thrill.
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