Possible re-entry

From: mike.bevan1 (mike.bevan1@ntlworld.com)
Date: Sun Dec 02 2001 - 05:33:03 EST

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    Hi all
    I have attached an e-mail sent to my local Astronomy group relating to a
    possible fireball seen from my location at 22:30 UTC on the 1 Dec 2001.
    I have just got home (22:30 UTapprox. )after collecting my daughter from work.
    As I got
    out of the car I happened to glance up at the Moon & Jupiter and my eye was
    caught by an object to the south travelling towards the east with a flaming tail
    similar to a Nov 5th rocket.(Elevation approx. 25 deg.)  The object brightened
    and the tail got longer then
    very slowly faded as it travelled eastward. The length of time was 2-3 minutes
    to cross the sky, enough time to allow my wife, daughter and friend to come out
    to have a
    look. I have checked all my records for any man made rocket bodies ,debris or
    satellites that will be decaying soon and drawn a blank .
    Can anybody throw any light on this sighting ?
    Could this have been  26990 01 53D , the sl-12 rocket from the glosnass launch
    Clear Skies
    Mike Bevan
    Poole, UK
    Lat. 50.7556N, Lon. 1.9803W, H 20m
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