telecope observation of sats

Thomas A. Troszak (
Fri, 24 Dec 1999 13:16:59 -0500 wrote:

> I have experience in this matter.  I think in the summer of 1998, I followed 
> ISS for a minute to 90 seconds in my telescope (6", 1219 mm. F.L., 26mm 
> eyepiece, 47x, 45' to 50' Field of View).  I was able to see the different 
> tubes (for lack of the appropriate term).  The only problem is getting the 
> object in your eyepiece - after that, the only difficulty is obstructions.

For what it is worth, we observe fast sats with an 8" Meade Newtonian
using a 2" super wide angle 26 mm eyepiece, I look through the finder
and keep the scope centered on the sat and my daughter and wife take
turns looking in the eyepiece while I "drive" the scope... Mir looks
like a golden "stick figure", pretty darned cool...

On high passes the whole operation kinda resembles the Flying Wallendas
or an astronomical game of Twister... but Hey, it works! and it will
have to do 'till I have saved $16,000 worth of pennies for the Merlin
tracking system... But I do have another low-budget tracking concept in
the works, stay tuned...

Tom Troszak,
Asheville, NC, USA
35.601 N, -82.554 W
elevation 2,300 ft.

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