dim moon and flood, greeting and a my brand new site

Fri, 24 Dec 1999 16:33:22 +0800

Hi folks:
Over here in Singapore, the FULL BIG moon nite was clouded out,
wreaking my plan of taking a fixed focus shot for later months 
Several low lying areas get flooded due to a freak combination of
unusually high tide... amd moonsoon season and the big full moon..
Also take this opportunitiy to wish everybody a Merry Christmas
and Happy Year 2000.
I have learnt  a lot from you dedicated folks out there and  I
will stay on..
Pairings of iridium flares happen to us over here as well...

Attached here is my latest  graphic intensive site showing what we
did in Jordan during the Leonids showers visit.


Happy Holiday

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Special Interest : Iridium Flares, Comets, IC objects

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