New GPS Satellite
Tue, 21 Dec 99 23:39:00 NZST

Hello from New Zealand:

Back in October I asked if anyone knew what the new GPS satellite
(launched Oct 7 '99) would have as the PRN number.

Harro ( ) replied and said it was to be PRN 11

I had no other data to confirm or deny this, but tonight for the first
time using alm2tle

I downloaded the first almanac from the GPS sats overhead that contained
28 SV's for the first time, and the new one was PRN=11

Harro was right !!, thanks Harro for making my cross reference file correct!

TLE of "new" GPS bird (from alm2tle)

1 25933U 99055A   99357.69318287  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  0000
2 25933  53.0157 355.5423 0029588 189.6714  33.6134  2.00566058 00002

The health of the SV is posted as not useable, and I guess it
will remain this way for a while until they know its heartbeat
is a good one.

So we are about to have 28 GPS satellites, should help DOP figures
and help trig solutions for us GPS users.

Regards, Geoff.....

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