Re: ETS-6 1-power flashes

Ed Cannon (
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 16:43:53 -0600

Mark Hanning-Lee and Jason Hatton recently reported more 
one-power flashes from ETS 6 (Kiku 6, 94-056A, 23230).  
I saw some more last night, 18 Dec 05:05:56-05:07:13 
(17 Dec 11:05:56-11:07:13 p.m.), just before shadow entry.  
I looked for it (1-power) about 35 minutes or so later 
when it was to exit shadow but didn't see it then.  I did
not have my stopwatch with me on this occasion (as I was 
on my way home from my office).  Location was roughly 
30.31N, 97.73W, 150m.

I tried unsuccessfully to see Telstar 401 last night.  
wonder if someone might have photographed it -- or will 
before too long.

Thanks to Mark Hanning-Lee for the excellent suggestion 
regarding the link to on my little newsgroup 
access page!  I had not been able to find a direct link
on the site.

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA

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