Superbird from Hawaii

Matson, Robert (
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 16:04:07 -0800

Hi All,

If there are any Seesaters in Hawaii, now is as good a time
as any to look for flashes from Superbird A (#20040).
Unfortunately, the flashes occur during evening twilight, so
acquisition may be difficult.  The predicted flash window is
about 6 minutes wide, occurring sometime between 4:15 and
4:30 UT for December 4th (evening of December 3rd in Hawaii).
Best guess is in the middle of that time window:  4:19-4:25.

At that time, Superbird can be found about 9 degrees to the
upper right of Mars, high in the southwest, 3-4 degrees above
alpha- and beta-Capricornus.  Good luck!  --Rob

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