Obs. 30 December

Wed, 30 Dec 1998 19:28:14 EST

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year.

Meteor 1-6 (04583) was a +1 mag in the ESE at  20 deg above the horizon at
22:49:00 UTC.

Iridium 69; listed as "not at operational altitude - flares may be unreliable"
on Alan Pickup's Iridium page, was a no-show for a predicted -2 mag flare at
23:17:16 UTC.

Cosmos 2347 (25088) was also a +1 mag as it passed about 15 deg to the left of
Jupiter at 23:34:00.
Iridium 24 gave a nice 1x flash at 23:37:14 UTC

The ISS was no brighter than a +2 mag at 23:50 as it passed a few degrees over

Don Gardner
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