Re: Cosmos 2361 or Signal 1 ?

Alan Pickup (
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 23:09:54 +0000

Tristan Cools <> writes
>This is what I've got from OIG concerning the recent Cosmos 3M launch.  Is
>it really Cosmos 2361 or could it be Signal 1 as I found in Alan Pickup's

According to my hourly OIG session logs, the first elset for the A
object (at that time called "UNK") appeared between 22:10 and 23:10 UTC
on the 24th. The C object appeared (again, as "UNK") during the
following hour. By 01:10 UTC today, OIG were identifying A as "SIGNAL 1"
and C as an "SL-08 R/B", ie a Cosmos 3M rocket. OIG changed the name of
the A object to "COSMOS-2361" between 11:10 and 12:10 UTC.

I surmise that A is indeed what we had been expecting as Signal 1, and
that the B designation was/is reserved for Signal 2. Until I get
clarification, I'll stick with "Signal 1".

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