Re: Rocket Launch Tuesday?

Mike DiMuzio (
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 14:58:00 +0000

John Stone wrote:
> There is a rumor that DOD is working on something called a "pulse-jet" engine.
> There have been all sorts of strange contrails off the CA coast. I have seen some
> very odd pics in aviation week of contrails. Not exactly on-topic ... but I bet
> someone on this list knows more than I do.
> wrote:
> > Terry Lisansky wrote:
> >
> > << Tuesday afternoon at about 5:50'ish I was looking out toward the
> >  ocean when I saw what appeared to be a rocket launch.  It was at about 40
> >  degrees above the horizon and going up.  The trail had a pulsed look (it
> >  was segmented) and was straight, narrow and continuous.  It covered about
> >  5 degrees of the sky.  I'm on the central coast of California (Monterey
> >  Bay) and was looking roughly southwest.  Any ideas?? >>
> >
> >

	You may have witnesses a flight of what is called Aurora,
a supposed experimental pulse engine jet that may have applications
for launching satellites into Earth orbit.  Aviation Week and Space
Technology had a story a few years ago about this possible project,
and I have seen pictures of its contrail, a so-called 'donut on a rope'
caused by the pulse engine design.  The military has denied the existence
of Aurora.

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