RE: News MIR from Lissov
Thu, 24 Dec 98 17:04:17

Hello Chris,

Igor Lissov periodically posts messages on SeeSat-L. His last, a couple
of days ago inform us that the reboost was rescheduled for Dec 24.

That reboost has occurred and Mir is now in a 367 x 354 km orbit.

Mir Complex     32.7  4.2  0.0  1.6 v            367 x 354 km
1 16609U 86017A   98358.47893765  .00022196  00000-0  18887-3 0   600
2 16609  51.6533 158.0876 0009411 269.6709 131.7616 15.69458993733924

Igor also normally copies the same messages to the FPSpace listserver.

I've also revised a section on the vso mir.html page to monitor
the reboost using links to Alan Pickup's website where he hosts
frequent updates on Mir, ISS, and STS (when it's up) elsets.
I haven't got around to updating the fact that Mir was reboosted


Alan's site:

--- On Thu, 24 Dec 1998 16:42:12 +0100  "C.M. vd Berg" <> 

>Hello Friend.
>Is it possible to subscribe somewhere where I can obtain the messages 
about MIR's manoeuvres. The messages about these activities now and then 
reach me via other channels.    I need this information for my monitoring 
and reporting work.
>Thanks in advance.