TRMM a bit late

Mark Hanning-Lee (
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 17:59:48 -0800


Just saw TRMM pass over, track was as predicted. Highest elevation az.
350+/-10 degrees (near due N), elevation near 70 degrees.

Time of highest elevation was 17:47:23 local time 12/22 (UTC 12/23
01:47:23) +/- 2 seconds.

The GSOC prediction was 17:46:42, against which TRMM was 41 s late.

The SatPasses prediction was 17:47:02, against which TRMM was 21 s late.

These are pretty good, but a bit late; has the orbit been trimmed
recently? Or would you say that's in the normal range of aging of TLEs?
In general, how late can a sat be before it's newsworthy ;-)?

Best, Mark