RE: Please ID

Matson, Robert (
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 15:27:47 -0800

> Could someone please ID a SAT I saw this morning? I've tried on my end
> but came up with nothing. It was moving fairly fast, so I assumed, maybe
> a SAT close to decay for which I did not have the current TLE.

> N 26.46763
> W 81.82100
> 7M
> Moving through Leo at approx. 1108 UTC, west to east, close to zenith,
> magnitude approx. +2.0
> Thanks, John

John (and others):

It would be helpful in the future if you included the date of the
"This morning" or "last night" can lead to a +/- one day ambiguity,
considering the international coverage of this list and the variable posting
delay times.  For example, Microsoft Outlook says your message was
sent on 12/20 at 3:56 am, but it doesn't say if that's UT, your local time
(EST, UTC-5) or my local time (PST, UTC-8).  I'm assuming my local
time, in which case the date was 12/20.

I found your satellite:  UHF F6 R/B (#23697).  This Centaur rocket body
is in a fairly elliptical orbit (ecc = .66), but it was approaching perigee
during your pass.  Here is a not-too-recent element set:

1 23697U 95057B   98344.60237900 +.00007004 +00000-0 +17917-2 0 07994
2 23697 026.8586 071.4872 6616404 113.3326 326.4220 03.15139672035115