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Mon, 21 Dec 1998 09:34:36 -0700

"Son" <> wrote:

>A little off subject, im going to get a binocular. Which one ?
>im going to spend at the most $200. Ive seen some by Orion in their
>catalog( 10X50 vista or the 9X63 mini Giant)
>any comments ot thoughts would be helpfull.

I tried a 9x63 pair and found them to be a tad too large and heavy for
comfortable satellite observing.  I exchanged them for a 8x56 pair and am
very satisfied.  The difference in light-gathering power is imperceptable.
Celestron has a nice 8x56 pair at around $250 (mail order).  Orion
binoculars have a reputation for not having a flat field (edge focus is
different from the center focus).  This allows them to claim a wider field
of view in their advertising.  The loss of edge sharpness really bothers
some people while others don't seem to mind.

I have done business with Pocono West in Las Vegas and found both their
prices and service to be excellent.  I've also tried dealing with outfits
that offered deeper discounts and have had problems, so I recommend Pocono.


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